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Confessions of a Serial Overpacker

Confessions of a Serial Overpacker

Posted by on Jan 12, 2015 in Destination Weddings, Family Trips, Honeymoons

Confessions of a Serial Overpacker

Ok, I admit it: I’m a recovering Serial Over-packer.

I used to be the lady in baggage claim with the cart loaded with 3, ok 4, huge suitcases for a weekend getaway. On a family vacation to Europe once my husband had to take a separate cab to the hotel from the airport with the luggage because 11, you read that right, 11 suitcases and 4 people didn’t fit in 1 cab, go figure. (Yes, we are still happily married and yes I do know how blessed I am).

Fast forward to air travel today, and I have been forced to face my over packing issues. I start out with the best of intentions, I plan my outfits for each day with 1 back up, choosing easy simple items that can interchange and all coordinate with 1 or 2 pairs of shoes. All good so far right?… Then it strikes, that “oh, what if?” thought that sends me running back to the closet for anything, and well everything, I might possibly need. The list is endless of the things I have packed in the off chance it snows in July, rains in the desert or I somehow get to swim in the snow. I don’t know if there is a clinical term for this condition, I could come up with a few, my husband would be more umm, descriptive, we’ll say. Either way, I am conquering the beast a little more with each trip.

About now you’re thinking that as a Travel Consultant, I should be an expert on efficient packing, and in a way I am. Do you have any idea how creative you must be to fit a month’s worth of clothes for a 7-day trip into 2 suitcases? It’s an art.

I have found that utilizing travel tools helps.

Like the travel planner on our website. Now, once I have what I need, I zip up the suitcase and I am done. No exceptions. With baggage fees and weight limits on most airlines, I recommend to my clients to be very conscious of what you need. If you don’t workout every day, leave the workout clothes at home. I walk everyday at home, but it’s more about walking the dog than exercise, so I tend to leave the workout shoes and such at home. Most times I end up not using them when I do pack them. There are many things I can leave behind, especially if the hotel has them available: hairdryer, toiletries and such. As your Travel Consultant, I will check these things for you so you know what goes in the suitcase and what stays home.

What should you pack in your carry-on baggage?

Please always be sure to pack any medications in your carry-on luggage, as well as all travel documents and identification. If you are taking a cruise and are not planning a pre-cruise hotel stay, you may want to pack a small carry-on with things you’ll want on the ship. Your luggage may not arrive in your stateroom until later in the day, and you will want to start enjoying your cruise as soon as you board.

I may never be that person who has one small carry-on for a 2 week vacation, and somehow looks perfect the entire trip (you know who you are), but as I fly off again for resort inspections and continuing education, my 1 suitcase is 41 pounds and I have everything I need. I hope…

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