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Destination Wedding Planner Review from Maria and Dwayne Macik

Destination Wedding Planner Review from Maria and Dwayne Macik

Posted by on Nov 17, 2015 in Destination Weddings

Destination Wedding Planner Review from Maria and Dwayne Macik

This awesome testimonial was submitted to me by Maria and Dwayne Macik, a truly lovely couple!

Many women know the feeling of planning a wedding alone, with a loving family member, or helpful friend. Although we want our fiancé to be involved, when it comes to major accomplishments and execution, we tend to be the ones leading the charge. After Dwayne and I came down from the high cloud that is engagement, I was fully prepared to take the reins and plan our wedding. I even attended a local bridal show with my mom to begin collecting ideas. I visited countless booths, three of which were destination wedding booths. Three travel agents spoke to me about the possibilities and the excitement of a destination wedding. I returned home to show Dwayne the endless bag of brochures. After the shock wore off, we decided that a destination wedding would be our dream. Even though we made that decision, I did not know how to begin. I called a travel agent that was recommended by a friend and asked for her assistance. Roughly 20 email exchanges later, I was as confused as ever.

Just when I was ready to give up and return to the idea of a traditional wedding, I received a phone call from Kelley Austin. She explained that she was unable to attend the bridal show due to travel, but her assistant had given her my phone number. It took barely 10 minutes for Kelley to put my mind at ease and get me excited about a destination wedding again. Rather than immediately bombarding me with questions about a location (like other agents had done), Kelley asked me questions about Dwayne and I – our personalities, special interests, and our families. I hung up the phone and couldn’t stop smiling. Shortly after, I received an email from Kelley. With just the few answers that I had given her, including the number of days that we would like to spend at our destination, she had narrowed the options down to the top 5 best destinations for our needs. She considered travel time, our interest in an adventurous experience, and family-friendly locations. With the helpful information that Kelley shared with us, including detailed brochures for each of the locations, Dwayne and I were able to make a confident final decision, something that we had a hard time doing before Kelley came into our lives.

After the major decision of a resort was made, I was pleasantly surprised at how involved we BOTH were in planning the event. When Dwayne realized all of the potential pieces of paradise that could serve as the backdrop for our special moment, he couldn’t put the iPad down. Every other day, he showed me new photos of sunny, sandy beaches where Dreams resorts were located. When we thought we knew which location we wanted, Kelley reminded us of considerations like distance and travel time. We knew we wanted to maximize the time we spent with family at the resort, so we asked Kelley to recommend places within a 2-hour flying distance. Immediately, she knew which locations were the best options.

Kelley helped us make all of the major decisions, from tips to getting our families to cooperate with deadlines to ideas for planning our entire itinerary. She even spoke with each of our family members individually to help them arrange their travel. When we arrived in Mexico, our transportation service (which Kelley arranged) was perfect. When we arrived at the resort, we were treated like royalty and everything had been prepared for us! Even when we had a few questions, Kelley was available via phone to accommodate our requests. We had the time of our lives at Dreams Puerto Aventuras. Kelley’s review of the resort was right on target – they had delicious food, great entertainment, and amazing hospitality! Kelley Austin made our destination wedding dreams come true. She not only became our travel agent for life, but also our dear friend!

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