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Do I Need a Wedding Planner for My Destination Wedding?

Do I Need a Wedding Planner for My Destination Wedding?

Posted by on Oct 9, 2014 in Destination Weddings

Do I Need a Wedding Planner for My Destination Wedding?
Destination weddings now account for 27% of all weddings.

Destination weddings are more and more popular, and they now account for 27% of all weddings. Today, this romantic alternative allows a couple to combine the best of an adventurous honeymoon with a more traditional ceremony — and many times, they save money in the process. 
Destination weddings can be as simple as a couple exchanging vows on the beach at sunset, an intimate group of friends and family, or a grand affair that includes many days of celebration and activities.

Wedding Coordinator and Travel Agent in One Service

Due to the upswing in destination weddings, there are wedding coordinators with travel agent certifications who have chosen to specialize in this service. These experts are known as Destination Wedding Planners.

But Why Do I Need a Wedding Planner for My Destination Wedding?

Wedding planning in your hometown is difficult enough. Now imagine planning your most important day from hundreds — or even thousands — of miles away. Destination Wedding Planners have years of experience that make them experts at juggling the local, as well as long-distance, details. They are familiar with the legalities of foreign countries, tourist boards, and local vendors such as florists, photographers, and bakers (if the resort does not offer these services). Destination Wedding Planners know how weddings work abroad, and will be able to help manage any bumps along the way. A Destination Wedding Planner will also be able to plan tours, excursions, and other fun activities for your guests.

Put Our Years of Experience to Use for Your Destination Wedding

As both a wedding planner and travel agent, my job is to take care of your entire wedding planning needs and travel arrangements from start to finish. My name is Brandy Burriesci, and I’m the owner of Perfect Beginnings Destination Weddings and Honeymoons. I travel regularly and visit sought-after destinations, taking time to meet with the resort managers, tour the properties, taste the local food and walk the beaches. I do this to ensure the highest level of service for you and your guests. With the increased popularity of destination weddings, “wedding factory resorts” have been popping up. At Perfect Beginnings Destination Weddings and Honeymoons, you are never just a number, and we refuse to work with a resort that thinks in this fashion. From personalized service for all of your guests, to step-by-step wedding planning, as well as on-site coordination and personal concierge services, my specialty is to take care of it all for you…so you can relax and enjoy your PERFECT destination wedding.

Get the PERFECT Beginning to Your Marriage!

Please call me at (800) 676-8196 or complete our quick contact form to receive complimentary information about your destination wedding today.

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