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What Does My Destination Wedding Have to Be…?

What Does My Destination Wedding Have to Be…?

Posted by on Mar 7, 2014 in Destination Weddings

What Does My Destination Wedding Have to Be…?

The answer is anything. Your destination wedding should be anything you want. While there are etiquette and standard practices for any wedding, the choice is yours. Today, many brides have opted not to follow the standard practices, and have instead chosen to follow their own path down the aisle. It’s your wedding day, and most of all, it should reflect what you as a couple want.

What does my destination wedding have to be?
A destination wedding can be as elaborate or as simple as you prefer.

Whether your vision includes a casual beach wedding with simple decorations that highlight the beautiful surroundings, an elaborate haute couture gala held in a castle, or anything in between, it can be planned and executed from a distance with ease. The most important detail is YOU! What do you want? Casual, whimsical, classic, themed, formal…you name it. All can be accomplished at any destination. Okay, there may be a limitation here and there for your location. For example, a certain flower for your bouquet may not be available in that part of the world, but the best part of a destination wedding is including some of the local flare from the location you’ve chosen in your plan. A destination wedding does involve being flexible on some details, but many amazing alternatives are usually available.

The best part of a destination wedding is the relaxed atmosphere that starts the minute you and your guests arrive, and continues throughout your honeymoon!

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